Guizhou HunterSun was Granted to Organize IOT Alliance Qiandongnan Prefecture

After application, recommendation by local technology bureau and review by expertpanel, the equipment manufacture alliance, the internet of things alliance, the coal power and metal alliance were set up as the first industrial innovative strategic alliances in Qiandongnan prefecture in Dec 2012. There are 32 members including institutes, universities and 24 enterprises for the three alliances. Guizhou HunterSunwas assigned as the organizer of the IOT alliance.


The IOT alliance led by Guizhou HunterSun is goingto integrate the tech innovation resource of the prefecture even of the Guizhouprovince to start R&D, technical popularization, the research and constructionof standards, and strategic study of industry development in IOT field. It is expected the innovative capacity of ITO would be promoted greatly. 

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