Product Overview

     Huntersun  mainly focuses on RF/SOC integrated circuit  design which covers the Mobile RF front-end chip, IoT RF SoC chip, Mobile Terminal RF Devices. Simultaneously.

    •   The complete PA / FEM product line series, covering 2G, 3G, 4G whole series, in China, is the first mass production have both CMOS PA and GaAs PA technology. 

    •   HunterSun CMOS PA has become the first choice of  a 2G feature phone and smart phone for RF power amplifier, successfully applied to other types of SPRD and MTK platform. 

    •   Wireless communications products covered 2.4G, Bluetooth, wifi, etc. existing mainstream communication with low power consumption, high integration, ultra-low BOM cost, good packaging, to meet various market needs, support further receiving and transmitting distance. 

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